Another outing for the shirt

Saturday was nearly a waste of a day for me.

I had an appointment in the local private hospital. I'm not posh, but private care keeps delays to a minimum, and I'm getting brittle.

First thing in the morning I had a nerve conduction study to see if the nerves in my wonky arm are working as I still have very little strength, seemingly after a protracted period of immobilisation and doing my physio exercises as prescribed.

My nerves are ok!!!! Although I do have significant lack of sensation in my left arm, the muscles will build back up.

Woo hoo!

If anyone ever offers you nerve conduction studies be careful about accepting them. If you've ever upset them then be wary as its a good way of getting your own back on someone.

They suck.

I like to think I'm quite tough and good at doing what I'm told or what is necessary to get the required outcome...

...I nearly swore LOTS as the needles were pushed into my muscles and electricity coursed between the electrodes.

Horrible, but worth it.

Apparently I was quite tolerant and well behaved? He was obviously ignoring the way I was bouncing about on the plinth and chair.


Strangely enough, my arm and shoulder were kind of sore afterwards so I didn't fancy riding my bike.

Instead, I went for a run up and down the steep footpaths in Cwmcarn whilst Jo walked the pups. I managed to get up to the top and down twice before my legs turned to mush, but I really enjoyed it.

I sort of "forgot" that I hadn't run in a couple of months. Oops.

Jo hadn't, and walked away, shaking her head in disbelief; as physios do when they are trying to get a point across.

Well, she asked where I had been!

I was only being honest.

Walking is hard today (Monday).

I blame Jo. :)

Sunday saw Halfwayupmtb.co.uk team up with castlebikes.co.uk for a reciprocal ride.

It was nice to be guided for a change.

Two thirds of us rode for three hours in a well humoured and nicely paced group as we hammered the trails near Caerphilly until around lunchtime.

Some deserters had to get home for daily living/wife/pub, so that they were allowed out again, next time. So we split about 1pm.

The rest of us kept going for another couple of hours, which included a stop on top of Caerphilly Mountain for a brew and some, err, meaty sustenance.

A quick ride down the teashack descent and a cool down spin saw us back at Castle Bikes for about ten past three in the afternoon.

A good day was had by all, methinks.

I learned three things yesterday.

1. Jo is flying and everyone else can see it.

2. Everyone goes up and cops a feel of Jo's bike. The look of the Tallboy that we built her just makes people gravitate towards it. It's lush and she loves the bike, too!

3. Both clubs have got some great riders and these same riders are as tough as nails as they wipe out over the bars or trying to demolish big trees.

Chris nearly won his fight with a big Birch!

Actually there is a fourth...

4. The club shirt really makes you feel like you belong in a group. Keep an eye out for us at Bristol Bike Fest.

We'll be having fun.

Check out Rich Turner hammering his bike!

And the shirts. Check 'em out!