Hillwalking the Ergon way!

I'm not due to blog and hadn't set the time to do so, but I had one of those epiphanies yesterday and thought you *needed* to know about it!

At the time of writing, it's the end of a 6 week phase of Base Training and I'm knackered. Normally I start in September, as I think I've bleated on about enough already, but as long as I peak for September...

...March is a funny time to start with Long Steady Distance, but luckily I don't just do that. Chris Eatough instilled in me a need to run with quality workouts, so that's what I do. I'm also not abashed at a bit of cross training to spread the stresses, and improve family life *togetherness*, especially in Base Training.

So this Sunday was spent walking in the Brecon Beacons and, in particular, the the Tramway climb from Talybont on Usk to Dol-y-Gaer which is the last and most challenging climb on the Welsh Coast 2 Coast. It goes on forever, but rewards you with great views and an awesome rocky downhill.

But for our walk with the dogs it was chosen for it's mainly sheltered aspect, as the wind was blowing a Hooley! (definition for the non-Scots: strong and gusty).

So, in steps my Ergon BC3 backpack with the "Flink" ball joint system. I've used it on my bike, loads, and love the freedom it allows whilst riding and hike-a-biking. I must admit to only using it on dry days so far, as I need to keep it clean for a job later in the year...

...and I really like it.

So I thought I'd use it for the hill walk with Jo and the pups.

The same mobility, flexibility and comfort prevail in walking for a day out. Now I really love it.

It's big enough for carrying a full hill day's kit, and will easily carry all the stuff we'll need for "the job" later in the year.

The best bit for me? It allows free air circulation around your back, so I won't get as wet.

Link it with my Quantum Pertex top from The North Face, and a TNF merino base layer; and some 15year old 1st generation wicking underpants that are getting a bit holey; and you have the perfect dry and breathable all day walking system.

You're still picturing the pants, aren't you?

They're grey.