Bike Radar

Sorry, reader. I've been a bit quiet. Work has been a little consuming.

This weekend is a busy one. For some reason I've dropped myself in "it" and agreed to present (with Rob) at Bike Radar about our rides and our reasons for developing the 7DS.

What am I going to say? :)

I've had a bit of time to think about it though, as I have forced myself to take 2 weeks off of the bike. It was taking me too long to recover after my little chest infection and my speed endurance was really suffering. This was highlighted to me, rather forcefully, when I failed to finish a 12hr training ride. I managed to get to just short of Nant Yr Arian in 8hrs from Cardiff on the Northward part of "The Hobbit's Tale" route, but my legs just fell off and I stopped...


Jo had to come and get me, and we had frank discussions all the way home. It turns out that everybody could see how poorly I was doing, but were scared to tell me.

So I had a long chat with Chris, the coach, and he reset my head ready for resetting my body to new levels of fitness, after a good rest.

I start training again on Monday, and I must say that I'm more than a little hungry for it.

See you at Bike Radar?