Christmas Pudding

I have packed, packed again and repacked. If I pack it again, it'll start to wear out from all of the handling.

Nothing to report here except for the perfect preparation I've had for this event.

Just finished preparing my shorts in a christmas pudding stylee: Instead of pouring alchohol, I have been adding chamois cream every day for the past few. It is well and truly moisturised.

For future reference, I have my spares list herewith:

2 tubes- not lightweight for reliability.
Loads of patches, glueless and glued.
2 spokes and nipples.
Rear Hanger.
Spare XTR rear derailleur (I have snapped these, usually before damaging the hanger, in the past).
Spare 8 links of chain.
2 full Sram Quicklinks.
1 set of hope pads, in case I lose the backing off of one. (It's never happened with hope pads, but has done with other makes on different brakes, so better safe than sorry).
1 Duct Tape tyre boot.