A New Year!

This is my first Blog in a while as work has been a little (more) busy. But cross-training and cycling training has been going well, and it's now time to hit it hard with more specific work on the bike.

Unfortunately we lost Kipper, one of our dogs, in November after a long and repeated illness. This put me off training for a little bit, obviously. RIP, you were special.

I'm now riding for my friends at LocoBM Racing and this will be reflected on the website over the weekend. It's going to be a good year.

The Hobbit's Tale is on for the weekend of 13th May 2011, but may be put back or brought forward for a week or two if the weather is poor as the simple addition of wet firetracks and heathland will cost us about 100 miles over 48-52hours.

Some new friends must have felt the need to help warm us up for the coming season of sore legs, long days in the saddle and focussing on racing weight by submitting a report on their multi-day attempt of the Welsh Coast 2 Coast. They rode a slightly different route by climbing the Gap climb in the Brecon Beacons instead of taking the easier option of Five Mile Climb as used in what I feel might now be better termed "the solo route." I had originally intended to leave the Gap climb in as part of the solo route, but it's a killer and everyone told me not to be so stupid.

Let's face it, I didn't make the route. I devised it using the help and experience of lots of my bike racing friends. But it's really nice when someone takes an interest in something in which you invested a lot of time and effort. So here is the write up that Trevor and his mates did after riding the route. I think they liked it and I'm incredibly touched by their positive comments.

Hi Dave,

Many moons ago you very kindly sent me a gpx of the WC2C route. I just wanted to let you know that myself a crew of old(ish) cronies undertook the challenge successfully. It was actually last June that we did it.

Wales was unusually kind to us in terms of weather, in fact it was actually a bit on the hot side! We planned it to take place over four days, stopping overnight at Dolgellau, Pontryndfendigaid and Brecon.

Great fun was had taking in much Welsh beer, the trail centre challenges at Coed, the Cli-machx and Nant-y-arian, huge breakfasts, the occasional crash (a truly spectacular face plant by yours truly), the sight of Ian attempting to plow through a "shallow" puddle that came over his knees - and making it - covered head to toe in mud, though), red kites, the slate quarries, smoke coming off Alan's brakes coming down into Abererlefenni, soldiers cleaning weapons in Sennybridge......it really deserves to be one of the classics.

The only variation to your route was that we went over the Brecon Gap which I have to say was really the high point of the final day.

Alan, Richard, Jon & Ian - Top of Brecon Gap

Jon, myself, Ian & Rchard - Cli-machx Trail

As you can see from the photos, none of us are spring chickens or designed for 24 hour challenges but we all enjoyed ourselves and completed it intact...apart from my nose.....

So thanks again for the route and best of luck in the coming year for the Hobbits Tale.

All the very best,


I will be including a link to the variation on the 4 day C2C on my website in the next few days, so give it a go!