I learned something tonight

I went out for a 1.5hr recovery ride tonight. It didn't go well.

The plan was to ride about 20miles on my spare mountain bike, and to do a bit of my route again, in the dark, so that I knew I could navigate when I'm cream crackered.

I found the route alright, but so did the Council man who locked the gate behind me and obviously rushed 3 miles to lock the gate I needed at the other end of Pontypridd Park. I was stuck and had to try and find a way out. I ended up climbing a big old fence whilst trying to carry my bike at the same time.

It took me 2hrs, and I was meant to cook my birthday meal for us both when I got in- That didn't happen.

I got home home and polished off the rest of my birthday cake. Lush!

So, my ride has it's first scheduling requirement. Looking ahead, I need to be in Bute Park by 7pm in Mid-April, to give me time to get through the park and fix any problems, should they happen (or walk through). The closing times there are 30mins before local sunset time, which is nice and easy for for everyone to understand. Not