Caught out!

Crikey it was cold. I had two pairs of Leggings on, winter gloves, 2 buffs and 4 tops! We weren't going to be riding quickly, so I wanted to be warm. None of the clothes came off for the whole ride.

We went out on Saturday to map out the Brecon end of the ride, with a cafe visit thrown in for good measure.

After about 40km we had changed the route two or three times, by re-planning it on the satmap whilst riding. Obviously marked bridleways were obstructed left right and centre on the ground, meaning that they were not really applicable to being used on such a challenge. This meant a bit of detouring to make the route up to this point, viable.

We got caught out though. We spent so long mucking about getting the route right, that it got dark before we knew it. We had to spend the last hour or so riding the Taff Trail back up to Storey Arms in the dark.


A four hour tech fest with my mates around Machen today was a great end to a good weekend.

The daily commute starts in earnest now. This is the month to start getting a good base, again.