The time is nigh

I am proud to be involved in this 7Deadly Spins project and the resulting WC2C ride that has emerged from it.

It wouldn't have been possible to get this far without the team, never mind rolling up to the start line on Saturday morning. But if it hadn't been for the help of a good few contributors then I wouldn't be in nearly as good a position as I am now.


Rob Lee and the team: Thanks for the help, the encouragement and the mickey taking. It helps.

Sean Wratten (Bertie Maffoons): Thanks for supporting me so infallibly, and for keeping forgetting to take my credit card details. :)

Jim Calder (Powerspike): You set my website up and helped people find out what I, and my friends are doing. Give him a try, he's very, very good at his job.

Spot Satellite Tracker Systems : Thank you for stepping in so quickly and providing us with your invaluable service and equipment.

And to all of the sponsors on the web page, thanks for your belief in me and the 7DS Team.

Time will tell!

Keep a look out on my website or The 7DS site and you will see a link where you can follow my progress as I ride. You can post comments as I go, on Twitter by looking me up as Daveblanche and also via RSS. Who knows, I might get to hear some of the comments as I ride past our photographer time and again. There are direct links at the bottom of the menu bar on my web page to save you faffing about. The map link is to follow, but will be there.

Wish me luck, and if you live local to Cardiff, you will be able to judge my arrival time at "The Celtic Ring".

I may buy a few beers, but will probably not ride with my mates that day!