"The Hobbits' Tale" Guiness World Record(tm) Maps

Follow this link to see the mapping for "The Hobbits' Tale" Guinness World Record(tm). Hopefully this will enable people to follow where I am riding, and perhaps turn up to support or encourage me.

Anyone is welcome. Just bring a friendly face and if you would like to ride along for a while, then feel free. Anything to ease my "burden."

Hopefully some of the Guys from Cardiff, Vorb, VC Melyd, and MTB-Wales Mid-Wales residents will manage to get along. It will be really nice to put a face to a name and would mean a great deal to me and everyone else involved in the route and ride planning.

Please also have a look at "The Hobbits' Tale" Facebook Group.It contains details on dates, and will also have approximate timings for landmarks closer to the event.

You are free and welcome to join in.

Thanks for reading and I hope to meet some of you soon.