Don't move!

A couple of weeks ago was the point at which I was able to say thanks to a group of friends who have supported me through all of the riding I've done to date.

It's not often I get to say thanks, so just so that nobody denied I had done it, I took an impartial observer in the form of Joe Whitaker. He's the nutter that wheelied across Scotland and completed the first West Highland Way double; plus many other things.

We rode "4 Days of Mordor."

It was tough but it was fun. I especially liked the bit where Simon tumbled off of his bike towards a cliff and ravine. It ended with me saying, calmly, "Don't move," as I lifted the bike off of him and directed him away from a big old drop.

Joe kept pulling wheelies past us on the road, so I did my one and only trick: a no handed trackstand. I apologised to the guys that this was all I could do (as Joe pulled wheelies, like a crazy Springer Spaniel running around in the background). Matt looked at me emotionally and said, "At least you have a trick."

I'm sure I heard him sniffle and saw him dry his eye.

Scotland has got some superb riding and, if you pick your route, you can avoid lots of mud and hike a bike.

Matt, Mark, Joe, Steve and Simon along with myself, blasted around the hills of...

...Can't say.

Just wait 'til you see the article that we're working on. You might get the idea of what we're doing.

Awesome trails.

My Tallboy, with it's new Hope Green livery and Lezyne add-ons, lapped it up.
It's not often that my fork travel is consistently used to the max...

...And saddle bags don't last me long without ripping, in general xc riding and racing. But the little green monster you see on my bike is showing no signs of stress after 4 days of all mountain+ and everything else since.

This was also the first outing for my new Endura kit as supplied by the premiere cycling apparel manufacturers. Lucky boy.

Jo hates me now.

You know you've got a favourite bit of cycling kit that you save for the times when you need something that won't let you down.

I bet it's Endura, too!

I'll be doing some reviews of the new Stealth jacket soon.

Let's just say I haven't taken it off yet.

The MT500 kit is my favourite though, allied to singletrack2 trousers. It's built to last, cuts a dashing line, and works hard too.

I may have a little something up my sleeve that will try and show this off at some point.

Too many cryptic bits, sorry.