Posh POC and Porsche

What a busy couple of weeks it's been indeed!

As I write this I'm sat at a triathlon in Cornwall as Jo does a half iron man distance as prep for her big off road thing in a couple of months.

They don't half wear some funny looking kit but form follows function so it must be right for the job.


Jo, on the other hand, is practicing with all the kit she will use for real in the Xman. So she just looks like a mountain biker that really knows what she's on about and is used to the great outdoors.

She looks cool and comfortable.

In other news, my tendo Achilles injury, that has lasted for about ten months, has started to settle...

...only to be replaced with a calf problem.

I was planning to dart between view points on the bike part of today's tri. But instead I changed my plans when my calf blew up after forty five minutes.

Ho hum. We have to be grown up about things like this, eh?

Better news follows...

My POC Trabec helmet arrived, in just the colour I had requested. I must admit to looking forward to a shocked reaction from Jo, when I showed her it but, instead, I got a nod of approval and "Ooo, that's nice!"

Why expect shock?

Because I had ordered a purple helmet.

All of my friends so far like it as it's smartly designed as well as being incredibly distinctive on the trails. So people will see me coming from miles away.

Paradoxically, it also breathes better than the pure racing helmets I've been using for the past few years and it's just as light too. I'm going to need it's elevated protection levels for "Days of Mordor" in the mountains of Scotland, so I'm kind of happy to have it. Comfort is easily achieved with depth and circumference adjustments. It's one to watch: if some of the top trail riders and brand ambassadors are using it in anger...?

I'm also lucky to supported by Shimano this year so it was nice to have a wee parcel drop into my hands via Simon at Loco Tuning, just as the first bike build began.

All has come together just in time for the late late start to my season. Perfect.

It's time to fully update my sponsors page when I can find time in my schedule...

...which included the following, recently.

I saw a nice bike with Crank Brothers finishing kit on it.

"Nothing clever about that." I hear you say?

Except that this was a bespoke carbon frame in a presentation case...

... In the MASSIVE hospitality building and race track at Porsche h.q., Leipzig, Germany.

I was working, honest.

It had Candy3 pedals and Cobalt3 29er wheels. The only bad thing I saw on it was the lack of Hope brakes.

It looked quite exotic, even next to all the ottobock branded Porsche cars displayed around the place and the 2 Panamera S that were flying around the race track...

...which I had a few laps in with my friends, Emma and Simon.

Let's just say that a big, four wheel drive, car sliding sideways around a bend at 100mph+ is kind of good at getting the adrenaline going.

I needed chocolate cake to calm my nerves. It took at least 4 helpings.

Emma used alcohol and the chocolate fountain, where I thought she was going to do a "Vicar of Dibley." But she didnt, unfortunately.

Simon just laughed at us.

Finally, it has taken its time getting here but next weekend is the biggie!
Not sure what to do with myself

At 10:49 approx, I will run with the Olympic Torch in Pontypridd, alongside all of the friends who come to watch me drop it or do something accidental and unfortunate. Details are on my Facebook page but if you can't find it, just drop me an email via my contact page, and I will send you the details if you are that way inclined.

It would be nice to see you, seeing as you are the one that reads my random blogs.

Yes, you!