On the change

Not me! The website and sponsors!

Plus there is some news about 2012 and beyond (if I can persuade Jo).

I've really dropped myself in it this year as we push the technical and wilderness endurance riding thing just a bit (a lot) further. Pedaling for 24hrs with body armour sounds scary. But I have a new partner in crime in designing the route and I think he's trying to kill me.


We must have done something right last year as our portfolio of supporters has grown, but I will leave it until we get the website partway finished before divulging this.

However, I'm over the moon to be able to tell you that I'm still banging out the miles for Santa Cruz on a Carbon Tallboy and The North Face clothing. It'll be festooned with Hope bits and you might recognise the fact that they are in a colour that is distinctly British.

I'm also planning on continuing to use rotor rings after the edge they gave me on the last 2 years.

Best get training: once the consultant says that I don't need to stick to the turbo or running off road. I'm hoping for the good news on Monday.

I'm going to keep the running up for a couple of reasons though.
1. It hurts and I quite like it.
2. I have a feeling it might be useful when I'm tabbing up a rocky mountain with my bike on my shoulder, trying to outdo my baying pursuants.

That was a little slip.

I'm smiling but I'm nervous.