Get on!

It seems that this project (remember, mine is a small part of a right old biggie) has perked lots of peoples interests.

The sponsors are showing their interest at a great rate. We have managed to secure support from the following, so far.

Ironhorse, Satmap and Skins are on the cards already, but that won't be the end of it!
I'm really happy about this, because it's the sort of stuff I already use and would buy.

The Ironhorse Mk111 is my type of bike--Take it large and hammer rocky trails with it, or ride it for hundreds of miles at a time. It's a bike that will suit most trail riders or spirited XC hounds on smooth or lumpy terrain. I wasn't allowed to buy one last year, because I had just spent a small fortune on 2 race bikes.
The satmap has the kind of functionality that you would expect from mapping software on a pc. I got to play with it at the cycle show with the designers and it was hard work, giving it back. It is going to uber useful, and worn out by the end of the year.
Skins? Well the evidence speaks for itself. How stoked am I?

I managed to go back to work 4 days after surgery on my knee. It was good to get back, which is strange for me. Cartilage, out; Hoffa's body, out; microfractures, in; partial lateral release, done; and a plica, out. I only went for a small lump removal!
I've been to the gym, spun gently on my bike, and done some weights. I will start swimming 1-2 miles (after a build-up) in the mornings once my surgical scars are waterproof.
Get On!