What a weekend!

No photos this time. The weather has been too, err, interesting.

I spent Saturday re-recceing a route from the Brecon Mountain Centre up to the middle of the Sennybridge training area. :)
I ended up with a new route that skirts the training area, then heads North to Llanwrtyd Wells...
...and gets there from the Brecon end of the Taff Cycling Trail.
It was the hardest, gloopiest, power sucking, slick-grass riding I have done in a long time.
Most of the riding was done sideways due to the high winds, but it did cut out about 20 gates and is a bit more like "wilderness" riding.

It was great!

I had to run away today, though, when the lighting was striking the hills around me. This is a high level route, so sense ruled today.

My friends have had some public feedback stating that two people who work for a mag did the same thing I am planning to do, but back in '99.

Ours is a Solo attempt, non-stop, in one go. We feel that it has not yet been done or publicised. At the time of writing it will visit two trail centres and 3 xc racing venues on the way down.