It's ready and it's simple

After a weekend spent in mud, wind, sweat and gears, I can announce (again) that the new version of the WC2C is complete.

All I had to do was reroute 12-15km around the SENTA and ride it a couple of times. The navigation is easier, there is less road and publicising the original route in the future was looking a bit dodgy, escpecially considering the reports in the Guardian paper this past few weeks.
Guardian article

As discussed in the article, the Original WC2C used only tarmac road in the training area and was therefore legal as covered within the local Bye-Laws. But the MOD were obviously concerned about it's use encouraging people to venture off of the road into dangerous areas. I'm still glad that the MOD informed me of the problems, since it has prevent potentially larger issues in the future.

So, the next attempt will be the Pioneering attempt and will be done by a friend of mine. It should actually be about the same length/time as the previous route.

The maps will be up on my website gallery in the next few days: big enough to navigate from.

Give it a go! It's a great route.