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We've stopped putting so much media up on here since the list below is getting quite extensive. We missed 2014 out all together, even though there were various TV interviews and mag appearances, along the way.

We will, however, add any high profile stuff on here, so that you don't miss it.


As a result of the above, we are hoping to only link to 2 or three pieces. We think you'll like them!


Cyclist No1. Feb 2013 talks about 4 days in Mordor. A fun wee ride in big mountains.

MBR Feb 2013. Cardiff City Limits riding.

MBR Feb 2013. Night riding. Not all Dave's own words, but it's a nice wee list of tips on bike lights.


Here is a selection of this year's articles on our continuing work, here, at Dave Buchanan Towers.

A small mention in MBR , October 2012. Quite a few folk have done the WC2C this year, which is nice. We're hoping for some reports soon. There's a bit of a typo on the climbing as it's 23,000ft short. :)

Mercedes Vito Sport, included some of our local, well known, riding in their Ride Guide To Wales.

Shred Magazine July 2012. An article about Dave, getting into trouble for being a smart arse; all a bit TIC. There's also one on the Halfwayup mountain bike club, of which he is Patron.

Riding with Matt Hampton on our local trails, and drooling over a Brabus Vito Sport-X

What Mountain Bike Issue 137. Fi Spotswood wrote this article on Ultras. We don't really think our ride was an Ultra,especially as Dave was supported. But it was nice to be mentioned amongst the true great riders that he aspires to be like...one day.

BAPO Dave's Professional Body have published a wee story written by some long term friends and colleagues who came down from North Wales to see him carry the torch. Thanks Guys!

The Welsh Assembly Government have taken great interest in promoting the Torch and it's bearers throughout Wales. Thank you, so much.

Local and Welsh National Paperswere interested in the torch as was everyone else, it seems. This is one of the smaller articles.

London Olympics Organising Commitee This seems to have caused (about ten times)more hits than anything we've ever done. The webcounter couldn't cope! Nominators, Vin Cox and Ergons Richard Todd wrote some nice things about Dave, too. Embellished, but nice!

Polar Electro UK asked me what Dave thought about the kit they provide for him to use and test. So he told 'em how much he loves it...all. He's addicted to Polar.

Privateer 8, March 2012 contains a wonderful article called "The Brotherhood of Pain," lovingly written by Mike Hallbefore he started the World Cycle Race. Eejit. It basically explains why South Wales has some of the best riders around; and Dave lives there,too.

The Ride Journal, Issue 6, March 2012. Beautifully presented as always it contains nice articles from the Man at Howies (Jeb), Mr Matt Page, and a piece about "The Hobbit's Tale" by Dave's friend and photographic confidant, Matt Cope. It's about how friends stick together on something like "Hobbit's."

Prosthetics Article written by the best freelance journalist in the gameSeb Rogersfor March 2012 in What Mountain Bike. Ask the expert? Really? Dave? Go on then.

Soapbox article by Matt Hampton, MBR's Editor, in the March 2012 edition. Dave's not into whisky but this article has gained lots of acclaim as highlighting why we ride. It's nothing to do with The Hobbit's Tale, although there is a sneaky reference to it.

Cyclist No1 Why would you consider such a ride? What's it going to take? Find out why a friend is giving it a go in Grand Style!! Dave'll be there, to keep him going.


This is a selection of the documents that have been written up subsequent to "The Hobbit's Tale" in 2011. We'd like to thank all involved in helping to push the publicity of "The Hobbit's Tale" this year. We are indebted to you all.

XCRacer.com10 Under The Pen mini-interview in the ubiquitous and omnipotent racers' website. December 2011.  

Wiki Page My friend and riding buddy Scott Hodgskin made this Wiki Page. It needs some folk to look at it and verify/update it (or whatever you do with Wiki). Thanks for all that effort, Scott.

Infinit Nutrition Infinit Loop November 2011 You all know that Dave loves his Liquid Nutrition from Infinit. It certainly made his friend's jobs easier! Thanks for writing this Tim Press. Photos by Matt Cope

MBR November 2011 We think they've got the wrong idea about Dave! He rides bikes a bit, yes, but we hope to meet some proper legends someday soon.

Rehband Worldwide Marketing This document is being released around the world in lots of languages. A little scary this one (and Tongue in cheek)

BBC News Website Article September 30th 2011 Check out the Infinit bottle and the North Face kit! Dave had been riding for 56hours in the first photo. He doesn't look too bad apart from the Ultra endurance nutrition "little pot belly".

What Mountain Bike Issue 124 (July 2011)Matt Skinner, Editor, spent a lot of time and effort on this extremely well received article. It doesn't sound like Dave, but maybe he is a toughie? Thanks Matt!

The full transcript of the interview with Matt Skinner of What MTB. Some meaty stuff in here. He should have kept his mouth shut!

US Santa Cruz Blog and Website! Cool. Thanks for the mention; as you may not realise how much this means to Dave.

Infinit NutritionInfinit Loop International Newsletter, July 2011

ITV News article May 2011on the completion of "The Hobbit's Tale."

Fi Spostwood of Cyclist No1 created a really entertaining piece to help tell people the story of "The Hobbit's Tale."

Front Page Photo on South Wales Echo May 2011 The front Page of a "tongue in cheek" report that focussed on the weight loss during "The Hobbit's Tale" ride.

Front of Health Section in South Wales Echo May 2011 The TIC continues, but it's kind of groovy. It's a surefire way to make sure that people that wouldn't be drawn to cycling, might have a good look. Inspired method!

Main Feature South Wales Echo May 2011 The Main Article.

Mountain Bike Rider short news article June 2011 Thanks for finding the space to do a "shorts" news piece.

Our friend, Rob Khoo, put this together, to show what everyone else went through during "The Hobbit's Tale". Dave had the easy bit!

The brilliant Bristol Bike Fest Dave's mental arithmetic fails him at the end. He's been enjoying racing there for 6 years.

My 2011 bike with Scottoiler People are taking note of the Scottoiler these days. It's even getting appearance requests from Cyclist No1!

Not to be taken too seriously, except for the message that Infinit Nutrition is the business. All of the people in this video now use it; actually they use my formula! This was made as I was getting over the pesky chest problem that stopped me riding the 2010 challenge. I got a bit "portly" for a while, didn't I?


Rich Holmes report on his WC2C Ride in May 2010.Awesome effort.

Dave's Famous!!
Well, he's in the extras section of the new and superb offering "Find" by Reset Films. This a superb celebration of cycling, and will have you laughing out loud, too!


The Herald, April 17th 2009. Readership 850,000. We had nearly 3,000 hits on this website the day after it was printed! Dave loves this guy's writing style, too.

Feature by Alexandra This was done by a journalism student for her dissertation. He jumped at the chance: A nice afternoon, well spent. Thanks Alex!

Journalist Article from the South Wales Echo (03/04/2009) on the WC2C. Downloads as PDF. Hits increased significantly.

MBR Article Sept 09 A nice article done in MBR. He was very lucky to have this opportunity to say thanks to his supporters and MBR were the consumate professionals.

This media thing seems to work. Great thanks go to those who took the time to listen to Dave's babbling, and do a write up for us, our sponsors, and also the people who are having a go at the Welsh Coast 2 Coast.