Here are some of Dave's results to date:

2005. Clic 24 solo for charity. 3rd finisher, 170miles. 13 1/2 stone.

2006. Clic 24 solo for charity. 2nd finisher, 220miles, 12 1/2 stone

2006. TwentyFour12, 24 solo 11th place.

2007. Nightrider 12, Newnham Park,8th

2007. Twentyfour12, Carted off in blue light taxi

2008. Bristol Bike Fest, 12th solo

2008. Twentyfour12, 24 solo, 4th place. 11 ½ stone.

2009. March. Welsh Coast 2 Coast 328km, 11178m ascent. Time: 22hrs 24min 49secs. WC2C Unsupported Ride Guidelines

2009. Bristol Bike Fest 12hr solo. 4th place

2009. Torq 12:12 solo. 5th place

2009. Relentless24 solo. 2nd senior solo

2010. Set2Rise 12 hour.1st place, mixed pair

2010. Bristol 12hour Solo. 3rd vet

2010. Dusky Valleys 12 hour mixed pairs. win :) by default, but great fun!!

2010. Macmillan Monster, Afan Argoed. 100Km 2nd Awesome Enduro

2011. "The Hobbit's Tale" 721Km, 22300m of ascent, solo ride. Completed in 59hours, 37mins. Guinness World Record(tm) for "The greatest distance achieved on a mountain bike in 48hrs" Confirmed on Sept 9th 2011. Not sure if we trust the height gain measurement, but it's a defined route so doesn't really matter. Lost 2 stone.