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This page will be updated to show the kit that Dave uses.
If he would buy, or in most cases already uses it, and it will aid the rides, then it will be on here. There is no point in having "top end" gear if it won't last.


Dave was VERY lucky to secure support from Endura this year. Let's be honest, we've all got some Endura in our drawers.
Of it all; and they clothe you for every discipline and need; his favourites are the Singletrack II Pants. Dave has hardly ridden, or bummed around, in anything but these for most of the summer as there have been a lot of ticks around this year. But these things are great!
The adjustable waistband is secure, and the cut is flattering; even for Dave. They have room for his POC body armourand are supremely comfortable. Hence the bumming around in them.
Pre-shaped knees and reinforced areas, just where you need them, means they are lightweight, tough, and smart.

That being said, he found a pair of MT500 waterproof shorts in a shop the other day. He actually bought them! Brand belief is important for Brand Ambassadors.

We'll try and get around to adding comments on the rest of the kit through the next few weeks.


The nicest finished parts and accessories you will ever see. But does it stop there?

Nope.  This stuff works.

Dave has a Dirt Floor Drive Pumpwhich is an astonishing bit of kit. 16 pumps takes a 29er 2.2" tyre from zero to 25psi. It also easily seats awkward tyres if you run rimstrips and sealant.

Next is the carbon VC10 multi-tool. He also has a couple of the stainless and ally plated light weight ones, but HAS to show you this photo of his 3.5 year old carbon tool that has been in a bag or saddlebag and generally abused for the whole time.

He's also got the High Volume hand pumpand it's just as good. Loan it to people on a ride--at your peril.

You owe it to yourself to try Lezyne. You won't be disappointed.


The Satmap has been the "go to" gadget for all of Dave's rides since 2009 and it continues to be so in 2012. The continuous updates and addition of online planners has made this the only aid for those who actually *need* to navigate and plan.

Add the Proshield and it's protected against 10ft falls onto concrete!! That makes it fully bike proof.

Dave will be using two separate systems in 2012, one of which will be a backup during "The Big Ride."

As usual, it will be set to measure height gain by using the OS Map data as this seems to be the most accurate method for him to date.

*Update, July 2012*
Dave's partner, Jo, recently completed the Xtri24 extreme triathlon. It was, err, extreme in the extreme. The Satmap was plastered in mud at the end of the bike ride, but after a quick wash under the tap, it came up gleaming. Excellent idea for a cover.

Rotor Rings

Dave's been using Rotor Rings on the quiet for a couple of years now, and he's hooked. These high quality, aesthetically pleasing, rings really smooth out your pedal stroke so that you don't feel any spikes in resistance as the cranks rotate and mechanical advantages change.
Research shows improvements of power output for riders using them, but Dave have a more basic view of this...

...He owes his success on "The Hobbit's Tale" to Rotor Rings and that's why he approached them for help in 2012.

He used to have a lateral quads tendon problem. It didn't surface until he did a few long road rides on a bike that, until recently, had normal rings. But now he's supported by Rotor Rings that problem is no more.
If you look closely on the "What MTB" article called "The Longest Ride" you'll see the rings, after use on "The Hobbit's Tale."...

...Those same rings are still going now, and look really good.

They are a bit different, but they work well and come with a money back guarantee.

Win Win!

*Update* June 2012
Jo used Dave's new bike for Bristol 12hr solo in June, She'd never used Q-Rotor Rings. She felt that Dave's bike (only difference being the Rings) was far smoother than hers and preferred it. It has to be pointed out that Dave had only ridden his new bike twice. She went on to ride it for the full 12hrs, without any acclimation, and came second. She wants Dave's Cranks, still.

Crank Brothers Pedals

This is another item that Dave has been using on the Q.T. for a while, and now he's supported by Crank Bothers he's happy to report that the new versions are even better!
At the moment he is using Candy as one of his main rides will be a bit gnarly, so he wants to be able to get a nice platform for his foot when he's trying to clip in, in scary situations.
First off, these pedals are pretty. The best looking that Dave has had.
Secondly, Dave's a bit of a smart alec when it comes to lower limb biomechanics and has designed his own cycling specific insoles to provide control throughout the cycling "spin". Now that he's on the Candy pedals, he doesn't need nearly so much control of his foot and lower limb positioning. He hasn't even looked at using the treadplate spacers to provide varus/valgus wedging, which is a bit overused in the biomech world anyway, as there is no need.
Proud to represent Crank Brothers via 2pure.

Infinit Nutrition

It's BESPOKE FOR EVERYONE although they do have stock drinks, too. So Dave's not that posh!
Remember to use the code "24ormore" and you'll get £5 (or the Euro equivalent)off of any order.
Dave is lucky to have the support of Infinit Nutrition since it has revolutionised his race feeding strategy. He races on a liquid diet since it is easier for him to metabolise than solid food (like most people). He's also struggled with salt salt levels at some races, being hospitalised once with cardiac issues because of Hyponatraemia. His medical and surgical history mean than he can't absorb salts well compared to most people. With "normal nutrition" he struggled to metabolise 500ml of fluid per hour and if he tried to take any more than that (even 100ml) then he would look just like one of those little peeing cherub statues. But he can now drink a litre per hour and still have no problems with waterworks or stomach. This leads to the new phenomenon of him being able to cut down at night when sweat rates reduce.
It's also much lower in citric acid than all other drinks, which is good for those with a delicate tummmy or history of stomach acid problems.
This is a fully bespoke product and comes with a no quibble money back guarantee. If they can sort Dave out, then they can sort anybody out.


Dave has used a heart rate monitor since 1993, and it's always been a Polar monitor. Well, he had a short period of unfaithful behaviour with another brand, but it was very short and unfulfilling...
...No BIG RED BUTTON, you see.
This watch is a cinch to work and gives you as much information as any other professional level of training monitor provides.
But for Dave, at 3am and after 15hrs of riding, it's all in the big red button.
Link it to the gps, and review your heart rate, speed and position on Google Maps and Polarpersonaltrainer.com...
...It's brilliant!
They are also the best looking watches that Dave has.


This is the simplest little gadget, and one of the most effective.
Check out the photos on the WC2C Gallery. Dave's relatively clean face, after 22 1/2 hours of riding through ice and mud, shows how effective the Neoguard is.


The idea of the equipment on this page is to make our challenge that little bit easier.
Dave's raced motorcycles for years, in the past, and used a few of these on his road and track race bikes. The motorcycle version is a bit different, but the theory is exactly the same.

See my 2011 bike with Scottoiler fitted, on Cyclist No1 website.
This little baby oils the chain, without your having to stoop and do so, after taking the oil bottle out of your backpack (and spilling stuff everywhere in the process). All you have to do is "squeeze the squid," and your chain cleans and oils itself.
The best bit? When full, it still weighs less than a small chain lube bottle.
(2011)All bikes (bar one) used on The Hobbit's Tale had a Scottoiler fitted. When your mechanic turns around and says "That's Awesome" you know it's a well received bit of kit that saved him lots of work.
This has been the single most interesting thing to people when they look at my posh bike.

"What's that?"

*Update July 2012*
Jo's chain and drivetrain were gleaming after the mudfest that was Xtri24. Everyone else was grinding and clunking. The difference was commented on by a lot of people.

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